Midas Center

MIDAS Centre is the biggest project that MIDAS is currently working on, and is planned to be completed sometime next year. The location of this facility is yet to be confirmed, and after the completion of the first centre, MIDAS plans to establish the project nationwide.

MIDAS Centre will be designed in the latest architectural concept and will be equipped with a variety of projects and amenities as well as other commercial facilities to provide the best quality care and services.

The concept of MIDAS Centre is an expansion of Bobby Cummines’ earlier idea, “The Diamond Project”. It is a place for the whole of the community, for all ages. MIDAS Centre will offer Training and Apprenticeships, opportunities to participate in sports and arts, or safe environment to provide relaxation!

  • People who want to take up a course/gain skills
  • Young mums looking for a break/young mum friends
  • Kids who are bored
  • People who are seeking guidance
  • Young people who want to learn about business
  • People who would like to help others
  • Elderly people who would like a quiet place to chat
  • Kids who love animals but don’t have pets at home
  • People who need immediate help – and all others just curious to use the facility.

We are looking for Business Partners!

If you would like more information about how to become a part of the MIDAS Projects, or to open a shop at The MIDAS Centre please contact us: Contact Us

MIDAS Centre will have:

  • Baby room
  • Activity rooms (MIDAS hall)
  • Music room
  • TV studio
  • Recording studio
  • Art studio
  • Dance studio
  • Workshops
  • 24-hour emergency hotline
  • Information desk
  • Gym
  • Medical room
  • Cafe and shops
  • Playroom/games rooms
  • Lounge
  • Cyber cafe
  • Restaurants
  • Beauty salon
  • Library
  • Kitchen for wannabe chefs
  • Garden and petting Zoo

.... And Much, much more!